Friday, 4 December 2015

Tap’mups Mk. 1

I’ve been using a Presto pass for a while now, and for the most part it’s a good thing. The fact that I can use it on any transit system in the GTHA area is undeniably handy.

What I haven’t been so keen on is that with GO Transit, I need to tap on when I enter the bus and tap off when I exit. When getting off, I’m usually up and moving down the aisle as the bus is still moving. I don’t want to have my wallet in my hand as I do. Also that aisle is narrow and trying to swing a bag forward to get at a wallet or dig it out of my pocket with everyone else behind me having to wait while I do, didn’t suit me. I wanted to be able to quickly tap off, without having to access a bag or wallet.

I wanted some way of getting at both of them without much fuss. Figured the Swipe’mups was the best approach.

I thought of just cutting a rectangular slot in the top of the card. The problem with that is that the Presto pass, when I put cash on it, needs to be handed to the attendant. Given that the Swipe’mups is firmly attached to the belt, often on the left side, having to undo my belt to get it off would be a total nuisance. I needed to have it firmly attached to me, and still be removable if need be.

I looked all over for a credit card / business card sized holder for months. And one that wouldn’t be a huge pain to get the card out of if need be. Finally found one at Europe Bound in Toronto.

Since I use my library card a lot, I figured I may as well use the side opposite to the Presto pass for it. While I don’t currently need a work related swipe pass, if at some point I do, I’m hoping I can put it between the other two cards. Might cause interference, but we’ll see.
Reinforced the hole with a grommet. Thought of all kinds of fancy knots to attach and in the end just mashed something unfancy together with Spectra line.
I can slip it in my pocket if I need to do any high speed ninja manoeuvres.

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