Thursday, 29 September 2016

Don’t Forget To Pop Your Tabs

I’ve been on a cassette digitization spree lately. Got to reminiscing with DJ friends about mixtapes and cassettes in general. It seems all of us were fans of Maxell tapes, and the ones we used most to make mixtapes to give out were XL-II’s. (The even better XL-IIS’s I usually reserved for my own mixtapes.) Looking around on the magical interwebs, where almost any subject is discussed, no matter how arcane, it seems others shared our favourable opinion of them.

I did a much rougher version of this idea years ago, but I revisited it by doing a much better illustration of this particular cassette. With some artistic liberties taken.

I don’t know that PostContemporary is even an ongoing concern any more, so maybe the only stickers of this to be produced will be the dozen or so I printed to give out to friends.

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