Monday, 5 September 2016

Are water treatment methods what the manufacturers claim?

Interesting article about the claims made by water treatment manufacturers. It singles out Camelbak’s inline UV treatment (the AllClear), but it could also be applied to the SteriPen. Sawyer’s claims are also scrutinized. I’d been contemplating a Sawyer system, due to it being light and compact, but it hasn’t been readily available here, possibly due to it not being approved by Canadian regulatory agencies.

I’ve been meaning (for a very long time now) to replace the Steri-Pen I have with a self made gravity filter. I have some misgivings about the Steri-Pen, but it still works, and as such have continued to use it. I think Katadyn will likely get my money for a Hiker Pro replacement cartridge. I’ll use it to make the gravity filter system. A bit heavier and more expensive perhaps, but they seem more trustworthy.

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