Sunday, 22 January 2012


Browsing around on EDCForums a while ago, someone posted some pictures of a change wallet that they had made, based on a Montbell example (top four pics), that is apparently an Asia only item.

I thought it was pretty nifty and decided to make one myself. Using three different widths of webbing and some Velcro, I cobbled it together in an evening.
About 2" by 2".
I added some pull tabs, to make opening it easier.
The original has a little slot along the back for bills or bus tickets or stamps, which mine does not have. But I think I make a few more of these, and will likely incorporate it then. I also want to make a wallet for myself and I think this idea may be incorporated right into it. I’ve had two wallets with a zippered change compartment, and on both, the zipper has gone kaput. Velcro will also give up the ghost, but replacing it is usually less of a chore than replacing a zipper.

All in all, this little thing works very nicely.


  1. It's really nice and inventive design, thank for sharing.

  2. That is very cool, Thomas.

    On a side Cannucks sure do have some wacky looking coins...


    1. Oh yeah! Well, well, our coins are worth more than your coins. So there!