Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Lego - Vreesan Serif

Our team of industrial spies have managed to capture some photos of the new Vreesan Serif being tested at their top secret facilities. A single passenger sports car, made of high tech polymer, and powered by awesoline.

And I would just like to say that my nephew Anand has been saying for months he is going to make a car out of Lego. He even shook hands on it, and so far he hasn’t come up with squat. Except for lame excuses. I am going to harass him publicly via the internet so that he relents and produces that car he promised he would make me. How are we going to race cars if I’m the only one making a car?


  1. Thomas,

    We need to see more photos of this amazing prototype without the roof.

    Please have your spy photographers gather those images.

  2. Ahem....well my sources inform me that this was merely a prototype. The designers at Vreesan Industries are able to build cars out of this magical polymer, and then dismantle it just as easily to build newer, better versions of their automobiles. So, alas, there will be no more photos of this particular model photographed from afar with telephoto lenses or from up close by lenses hidden in lapels.

    But maybe another model will emerge.