Monday, 30 January 2012


I haven’t had the money to go to movies for a long time, but last night I said “Damn the Torpedoes!” and went to see Haywire. Friends had good things to say about it. I got properly prepared and went.

Loved it.

Gina Carano. Heellllooo! I’m in love. I thought she was very believable in the role. She’s not that emotive, but given what her character does, I wasn’t expecting a saccharin-y girlfriend type. And frankly she makes a better “hero” than most male actors cast in that role. The whole movie felt plausible. The fight scenes were realistic, with none of the hyper fast editing most fight movies seem to feature now. And Steven Soderbergh I’ve been a fan of for quite a while now.

And she looks good. Looks good in a black dress. Looks good in leather riding a motorbike. Looks good in a wetsuit. Just plain looks good. She’s got thighs and hips and ass and boobage. Yum.

There’s rally driving, parkour, fighting, trade craft, acrobatics, good weapons handling, intrigue, some subtle humour. And Gina Carano looking good. 

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  1. What about the cute gal who was trekking across the country? Refresh my memory--was she from Denmark? Going across Iceland? Something like that. It all blends together in my brain. You've already kicked her to the curb? *sigh*