Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Artspiration: Philippe Buchet

Sadly, I do not yet own this book, but a friend does, and I browse it often when I visit.

French illustrator, known most for his creation Nävis, from the series Sillage, created along with writer Jean–David Morvan.

I enjoy his ability to tackle everything from pin-up to concept ships to military art to robots to superheros. And to do it all with aplomb. He is clearly someone who draws obsessively. For which I’m thankful.

I grew up reading Belgian comics, and I have always had a soft spot for the more sophisticated bande dessinées. So Sillage is right up my alley.

Nävis is clearly his muse/archetypal heroine. He manages to draw her in many styles/eras/situations. She can go from a manga-esque version in stories aimed towards younger readers, to a sci-fi honeybomb for an older audience. He manages to draw her as cute and innocent, or smoldering and dangerous. She can be sexy, strong, vulnerable, funny; she’s both the girl you could fall in love with, and the girl you’d be afraid can and will kick your ass.

A few examples I yanked off the net, showing his many varied takes on one character.

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