Thursday, 14 February 2013

Messenge’mups Bag Dump

While I’ve posted up the bag I’ve made, I don’t know if I have ever shown what I carry in it.

This is more that I usually carry in it on an ordinary day, but this is what was in it the day I opted to dump it out to photograph it all.
 The bag itself from a few different angles.
  1. Smoke kit
  2. Packet of tissues
  3. Sigg 0.6L oval bottle with cup
  5. Batuca Battery Case (AA, AAA and CR123)
  6. 18GB USB Key
  7. 256 GB LaCie External Hard Drive
  8. Extra Battery for Cell Phone
  9. Apple iBook G3 20 GB
  10. Motorola Q cell phone
  11. Head phones
  12. 40 GB iPod
  13. Charger for phone and various USB adapters and retractable cable
  14. Cash’mups
  15. Mesh shopping bag 
  16. Monocular
  17. Eagle Creek sunglasses case
  18. Toiletries pouch
  19. Spyderco Tenacious (carried in right front pants pocket)
  20. Lighter (refillable) (carried in left front pants pocket)
  21. Fenix T1
  22. Leatherman WAVE 98
  23. Book (usually always have one with me. Changes often.)
  24. Light My Fire mess kit
  25. Snow Peak titanium spork
  26. small plastic spork (came in a fruit cup)
  27. GSI N-Case 840 with Samsung ES70 camera
  28. Rite in the Rain 3"x5" note book
  29. Zebra F-701 Pen
  30. Sharpie Steel Marker (piece of crap)  
  31. Bic 4 Colour Pen
  32. Maxpedition Micro Wallet with business cards 
  33. A. G. Russell Woods Walker
  34. TTC tokens
  35. Notebook/Sketch Book/Day Planner/Address Book
  36. NyfFyrLyt (carried on my belt)
  37. Clip’mups (carried on my belt/in right front pocket)
And a larger, unlabelled version if you want a closer look at anything. (Right click and scroll down to ‘open image in new tab’ and that will allow you to zoom in.)

The electronics are a bit dated, but hey - it works.


  1. Very nice setup. I had to chuckle a little when I saw you were "kickin' it old school" with the Bic 4-color (colour for you) pen. I didn't know they made those anymore.

  2. Oh yeah. They even have a newer version with a special tactile action grip.

    I just like them so that when I doodle heavy metal logos all over my binder I can get really creative and use the red ink to make it look like blood dripping off the black letters.