Saturday, 23 February 2013

Steampunk Sewing Arm Bracer

I find steam punk kind of interesting, but then I realize the dork factor is just way too high. Not to mention the sameness of a lot of it. For every breathtaking steampunk Mac (and some of the other projects on the right hand side as well), there are a surfeit of uninspired watch gears hot glue gunned on to something, and that’s supposed to suffice.

Came across this one though that made me chuckle. Too dorky for me to even contemplate ever wearing, even if I made a PALS covered Cordura version. But as a guy hooked on DIY and who hand sews a whole hell of a lot, I appreciate it. A wearable hussif if you will. (A link to the makers Etsy site if you’re inclined to order one.)
And making me reassess just how dorky I think steampunk is.........

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