Thursday, 25 April 2013

Secret Beach

It’s not really a secret, but all the times I’ve been down there, I have the place to myself. Not that far from me, it’s a spit of land that’s a surprisingly quiet location. I often go down there, sit, make a cup of tea, read a book or sew or draw, etc. for a while, and feel happy that a spot like this exists within the confines of a major city.

Lately I’ve been using it as a spot to practice slinging from.

Railway marshalling yard with the Bay beyond that and Burlington beyond that.
Burlington Bay/Hamilton Harbour/Lake Ontario. Hamilton on the right, Burlington on the left.
In the bottom center of the photo you can make out a kayaker in amongst the branches.
Said kayaker up close. Having looked at those lines for many hours, I recognized them from several stories above on the Iroquois Bar, and hustled along in hopes of seeing it up close. Perfect timing. Gentleman named Raffi was paddling a 17' Bear Mountain kayak he had built. I was right. Ended up having a great chat with him for about 20 minutes about kayaking, building kayaks, tripping in various places and Hamilton. Originally from Newfoundland, he had lived in Hamilton for 17 years. Retired now, one of his favourite activities was coming down to the Bay early in the morning to paddle around for a few hours, an activity he engaged in with his wife at times. We agreed that if we had to live in a city, this one, with access to a picturesque body of water like this was not a bad city to live in. I picked his brain for a while about how he built his kayak. The sun wasn’t in my favour, but I snapped a couple of photos of his beautiful creation, thanked him for an enjoyable conversation, expressed my hope that one of these days soon I would see him out in the water in my kayak, where we could continue the conversation, wished him pleasant paddling and off he went.
It’s not quite being way up north, but in lieu of a 5 hour trip in a car, this makes a serviceable substitute for me. It’s a view I enjoy taking in every so often. 
Hello swans.
Took a circuitous route home through the cemetery, this being the “sunken garden” portion, below the Iroquois Bar.
And this being back on top of the Iroquois Bar, the Niagara Escarpment in the distance.
Looking out across Kay Drage Park.

(While I wish this was a spot known only to me, the amount of rubbish here makes it very obvious it’s not. I went down here recently with friends and family and did a bit of a cleanup. Will be back in the future to do some more.)

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