Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bibliophilia: Jeff Rubin

Why Your World Is About To Get A Whole Lot Smaller – Jeff Rubin
The End of Growth – Jeff Rubin

Rubin was the chief economist at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce World Banks (their international investment branch) for 20 years. His job was to sift through all sorts of info to deduce what was worth investing in. One area that he studied in depth was the energy sector, and consequently how it effected all other segments of the economy. His knowledge of the subject led to these very sobering books.

I had a good grasp of the issues he discusses, but he goes into a lot more detail, reveals some things I was unaware of, and does a very good job of explaining the economics behind the issues. 

Get ready folks. Your world is in for some MASSIVE upheavals. In short, if you have a second car you were thinking of selling, sell it now, set up a vegetable garden, get a bicycle, take that dream trip to the other side of the planet now, etc. The days of cheap fuel and the far reaching ramifications of that, are over. On the plus side, manufacturing jobs will start trickling back into North America.

Highly recommended reading.

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