Sunday, 25 August 2013


Just learned about these folks, and I have to say I’m impressed and intrigued.

I have blathered on at length about my effort to find a way to integrate a backpack with all the stuff I want to be able to get at without a lot of hassle. It would be great to be able to carry what I need on a pack waist belt and be able to detach the pack from the belt - again, without a lot of hassle.

I mentioned High Ground Gear, and their kick at the can. I think it’s headed in the right direction, but I question how much weight that approach could realistically bear. 

A solution to the issue of a belt that can be quickly detached from a pack, is what I perceive to be something of a missing link as far as gear design goes.

The site doesn’t go into too much detail about the packs themselves, and they look to be fairly bare bones. But most of the thought appears to have gone into the belt/frame interface. If it’s good, others could certainly tackle other pack designs. The colour choices are somewhat limited as well, but I get that, given they are a start up. And one question I have is whether the frame and belt can be used as a load carrying system the way the Kifaru PackFrame can be. Could something like the CargoChair be added to the belt and frame? But all in all, I think this holds promise and I’m curious to play around with it. 

I dig where they are headed with this.

Some videos of what they have to offer.

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