Thursday, 29 August 2013

S.o.t.D. - Arddyledog Ganu – Test Dept.

Arddyledog Ganu – Test Dept.

While everything Test Dept. did was awesome in every way imaginable, they may have outdone themselves with this.

Gododdin (pronounced Godoth-een) was a truly epic performance put on by a Welsh language theatre company called Brith Gof (an idiom meaning faint recollection), and Test Dept. Using the poem Y Gododdin as inspiration, the earliest poem in the Welsh language, it tells the fate of 300 Celtic warriors who set out to defend their homeland from 100,000 invading Angles around 600 A.D. at Catraeth. It premiered at the abandoned Rover car factory in Cardiff, transformed using 600 tons of sand, 50 trees, 30 wrecked cars and a set that flooded as the performance progressed. After the performance in Wales, it was also performed in Hamburg - Germany, Polverigi - Italy, Leeuwarden - Friesland – the Netherlands and Glasgow - Scotland.

I have the LP of this, which came with a 24 page booklet that just made me really sad I missed this performance.

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