Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lego Self Portrait

Found a little plastic container at the shop (found out later that the little rubber nipples on needle bars where they go on the armature bar pin come in these). Had an idea for something I could do with one.
Namely, a Lego self portrait.
It’s like a Lego terrarium. A Legorarium.
Or maybe it’s really an existentialist reflection on our modern existence – I’m trapped by an invisible wall, imprisoned inside a plastic bubble not of my making. Or some such thing.
It looks a lot like me – big pack, gadgets strapped to myself, walking/wacking stick, tan carharrt pants, binos, orange shirt, hat, sage green gloves, standing atop a rocky scrub covered Canadian Shield like setting – but realism points are lost because my head should be hitting the top of the bubble. Maybe Lego should make some taller than average Mini-Figs.

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