Friday, 11 April 2014

Bio Diversity Library

A friend contacted me asking about old flower illustrations for a tattoo idea. I knew I had bookmarked this. It took some digging around, but I finally found it again.

Now while the internet has made it really easy to search for images, as someone who works in a tattoo shop, the preponderance of people who come in with a small, low rez image they found on the internet, and think that that will suffice, is driving all of us to despair and drinking. Please go to the goddamn library, or buy some books that have big, clear images. Please.

Failing that, I feel I have to share this almost demented amount (1727 sets) of beautiful old illustrations of natural history of all sorts. You can spend days in here.

Flowers, leaves, animals, insects, birds, bones, eggs, horns, shells, trees, fruits, etc.

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