Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bibliophilia: Exile to Babylon – David Lapham

Exile to Babylon – David Lapham


In a future dystopia there is a private military contractor, made up not of retired special ops guys, but chicano street hoods arrested and given an option – jail or working for this PMC. Oh gawd.... One of their members has gone rogue and kidnapped a bunch of high level US government officials, and the heros pop star girlfriend. Groan.... And this bad guy also happens to control the last remaining supply of oil and that is where he is holding the hostages. Sigh.... And of course, who are the only people who can rescue the hostages and wrest control of this oil field away from the bad guys? Why, a bunch of just arrested gangsters without any training of course. Jeezus.... And then the plot twist you couldn’t possibly see coming from a mile away....the head of the PMC staged the whole kidnapping for his own ends. Oh come on.....

The art in this was mediocre. The part that bugged me the most being that every character has a shaven head and muddled facial tattoos. Scribbled, nothing very distinguishable, so each character looks much the same. The “good guys”, the “bad guys”. I couldn’t really tell who was who. Even if I had cared, none of these characters was in any way identifiable. Oh and the colour palette is very limited, which also doesn’t help. Combine that with an IQ reducing story, with plot points that made no sense, and I found the graphic novel that I detested more than anything I’ve read in a while.


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