Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Bibliophilia: Noir: (Vol. 1), The Mohawk Templar – Victor Gischler

Noir: (Vol. 1), The Mohawk Templar –  Victor Gischler


Look, I’ll admit to being pretty low brow, and grabbing a graphic novel because it features a babe in a skin tight leather cat suit.

Even two babes in skin tight cat suits didn’t redeem this.

I didn’t think it was very cohesive, the characters weren’t that well fleshed out, the art was very so so, and every pulp trope was tossed in for good measure. The Knights Templar came to North America, befriended the Mohawks, and built an insanely elaborate underground complex to hide a treasure, which came off like a retread Clive Cussler story. Oh, but first they built a stone tower that you need a special moon stone to place in a slot at a certain time in order for the moon to shine through it to reveal the map that shows where this “duck the swinging blades to get over the bridge to enter the code to open the door to go through another hall with massive sculptures” cavern is. The Shadow makes an appearance in the first part, and I think if he hadn’t, it likely wouldn’t have mattered much. Oh and let’s throw in some totally pointless SM for some titillation. Yawn.

And there wasn’t much “noir” about it. Splitting hairs maybe, perhaps it just referred to the fact the two female leads wore black. But “noir” in the sense I understand it; no.

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