Sunday, 26 March 2017

Around The Bay Race

I took part in the Around The Bay Race for the first time today. (Which is the oldest road race in North America.)

Participated as a member the team my company, FellFab, sent to take part. We were only doing the 5 km option, rather than the 30 km option. (I had originally hoped to ruck the 30 km part, but there’s no way I could finish it before they packed it all in and left.) Running sucks when you’re my height and weight, but I opted to walk it carrying a rucksack, and decided I would at least do it twice.
Loaded up my Kifaru ZXR with just shy of 40 kg (87 lbs.) 
Not bad considering I didn’t run and carried a pack that weighed more than some of the adult participants. Off for round 2.
Second round took me just over 49 minutes. My hips are going to be sore tomorrow.
Finished 1773rd out of 2869 participants for the 5 km race. My gender place is 763 out of 1131. My pace was 8:51 a kilometre. 

So, for a guy almost a half century old, walking rather than running, and carrying between a third and half his body weight – not too shabby. I suspect I was also one of the few, maybe the only one, who did the 5 km twice, and certainly the only one who rucked it.

I did it for the fun of it, the camaraderie of doing it with my colleagues, the exercise, but also to help raise money for St. Joseph Hospital here in Hamilton, if you’d like to sponsor me, you can do so at the link below. I, and the people your generosity will help, thank you.

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