Monday, 6 March 2017

New Guy

New guy started today in the warehouse. I can only catch glimpses into the warehouse from where I work, and only go in there periodically, but I hadn't seen him for a while. I went to talk to talk to one of the guys. “I haven’t seen new guy in a bit. Did he quit already?” I asked jokingly.

“Yup. Didn’t even last an hour. We asked him to unload a pallet and put rolls in the racks. Said he didn’t want to do that, just drive forklifts. Said it was “beneath him.” So he walked out.”

I laughed.

The warehouse here requires a multitude of tasks. Order picking, data entry, re-shelving, delivering requested goods to departments, shipping and receiving, probably a bunch of other things, and sure, driving a fork lift. The three guys do it all. And they do it all without a shitty attitude. I’ve learned how to enter the info for anything I may need and have grabbed, into the system. Just to be a team player and help them when they’re tied up with the multitude of tasks they have to perform. It’s not “my job” but I do it. I suspect they appreciate the assistance.

I’ve seen this many times before. Jobs where people are too precious to last even a half day. People who have all sorts of unrealistic expectations of a job.

Show up and shut up. Demonstrate a work ethic. Have a good attitude. Do more than what’s expected. Show an interest in learning new skills.

I’ve worked all sorts of mundane jobs, and did them without complaint, because even those jobs taught me something, made me some new connections, taught me some new skills, gave me some insights into different industries, etc. Oh yeah ... I got a pay cheque too. Till I found something better, I was willing to work at some pretty crummy jobs. I’ve had times where I’ve beaten my head against the wall trying to find a job. Take the damn job that’s offered.

I was offered a temp job, showed up every day, demonstrated an interest, did my best, and before long I was offered a full time job, with a raise in pay and benefits. Amazing how that works.

The “That’s not my job” mentality I’ve seen so often is really pitiful. Or the entitled attitude that they don’t need to do any scut work or start at a less exalted position.

And the other part of it is that even if you don’t love the job, stick with it for a while. Let the temp agency know, and ask if they can put you somewhere else. But quitting after an hour shows you’re immature and unreliable, and pretty much guarantees they’ll never call you again. Lots of other people out there who want to work. I may not have any love for temp agencies, but when I was betwixt and between I worked for them. Didn’t love any of the jobs, but I got a reputation as being reliable. Showed where and when, did the work well, etc. A reputation is hard to gain and easy to lose.

Maybe dude and his shitty attitude and neck tattoos will find his dream forklift driver job somewhere else real soon. Somehow I doubt it.

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