Sunday, 12 March 2017

Bibliophilia: Unfollow: 140 Characters by Rob Williams

Unfollow: 140 Characters by Rob Williams

A billionaire who created a Twitter like social media phenomenon, is dying. He’s decided to leave his fortune to 140 people. An oddly disparate group of people, who seem to  have been randomly selected. Or have they?

This first collection largely revolves around establishing the different characters. A young man from a crummy neighbourhood who hopes the money will be a way out for him and his sister. The rich girl intent on giving away her wealth, who then inherits another fortune. An ex-SF soldier turned religious mountain man. A famous Japanese novelist who cut his own legs off. They’re all flown to the billionaire’s private island where the caveat is revealed. While each of them is to receive $130 million, if one of the 140 dies, their share is taken back and distributed to the others. So, will they all start killing each other to become even richer?

Really liked this and look forward to reading more.

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