Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Artspiration: David Palumbo

Spent a fun evening with a friend browsing through a bunch of new art books. One of them was the second book by David Palumbo, Quickie 2, a follow up to his earlier, Quickie.
Compared to his more elaborate commercial work, these are much simpler, done, as the titles would suggest, quickly. They’re all of women, in a variety of poses, undressed and partially undressed. They’re all very tasteful, and despite the restrained detail, they sparkle with life. They are clearly the work of someone who really knows how to paint with oil.

His work (usually book and game covers) appears regularly in Spectrum, and it is always excellent. And there is a lot of great work in each annual. 

His website can be found here:


He also has a blog, and two things impressed me about it.

Some of his posts have a GIF that shows the whole process of his working method.
Terrible Weakness

And some of his posts are excellent tutorials.

My process for photographing artwork and how to do it for under $300
So you plan to commission a book cover?

The other thing that surprised me is that he packs a lot of detail into small pieces: 12"x18", 16"x24", 11"x14"

One painting in particular, Through The Blood Red Veil, really impressed me. The colour, the structure, just everything about it. Another post where he shows the entire process.

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