Monday, 21 October 2013

Still not entirely sure I get Tumblr

I registered on Tumblr ages ago, but have never done anything with it.
I finally did something with it today. Well, sort of.

The odd time I have ended up there, it just seems like Pinterest in that it is people endlessly reposting other people’s stuff. Rarely is it anything they’ve done.
It just seems like one big circle jerk.

For this blog, I try to post my own stuff. Oh sure, I will post a link to something I find interesting, embed a cool video, etc., but at the very least I try to offer a little enticement, why I found this compelling, etc. And the vast majority of words and images are my own. Good, bad, mediocre - they’re my own. I’m not going around endlessly hitting “re-blog” on other people’s stuff, and pretending that it’s content. When I see that an image has been re-blogged dozens of times, and any area of interest has the same bunch of Tumblr blogs endlessly repeating one another’s stuff, I wonder what the point is. 

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