Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Boston Dynamics Wildcat

This is the sort of military technology that I can’t wait to filter down to civilians.

(You might want to turn the sound down on this, because it’s an annoyingly loud 2 stroke engine.)

It doesn’t have to be that big, it doesn’t have to be that fast, but it does have to be quiet. But if I could get a quadrapedal robot that could carry hundreds of pounds and run on an electric motor powered by solar panels; that would be the most fantastic hiking companion ever. (Okay, okay, besides a foxy babe who thinks I’m charming and handsome.) If I could walk with just a day pack and let it carry my gear, or carry a pack myself and let it carry more stuff to allow me to extend my range; that would be amazing.

Boston Dynamics has several videos up of the robotic prototypes they’ve been working on. They’re alternately fascinating and creepy.

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