Saturday, 26 October 2013

Sosoetry: Niece A

I’m likely not very objective, but I think my nieces are pretty fantastic. Smart, funny and I will have to beat the bejeesus out of any boys who dare look at them. I wrote one of these goofy things about the oldest one, Niece J, and I was advised by the other one that I should write one about her for her birthday.

cute as a proverbial button
with a wit that is quite cuttin’
smart as a zinging whip
ready with a funny quip
when she sings it’s mellifluous and on key
when she laughs she brays like a donkey
one subject best left unspoken
is how often her arms have broken
there is sometimes some sisterly rivalry
expressed by a wailing “Joahoaseeeee!”
she sometimes displays too much sass
but always does very well in class
is there anything she doesn’t know?
whether it’s the mass of Pluto
the pH of alkali
or the square root of π
she must have some mystery disease
because she simply doesn’t love cheese
its nutritiousness she disses
thinks a sandwich of peanut butter and banana 
is not a delightful form of heavenly manna
its deliciousness she misses
her mom won’t quite let her be a vegetarian
but she encourages her to be a veterinarian
Annie gets straight A’s in all her courses
but what she really loves are horses
an expert on any and all matters equine
her bedroom is a veritable horse shrine
one thing she adores above all else is riding 
it appears to be a passion all abiding
she’s always ready to wield that scoop
to clean up a barn full of purebred poop
“but mom can’t I have an adorable pony?
I’m sure we could keep it in the shed
I’ll live on Wonder bread and baloney
and give up my dinner to keep it fed”
to her uncle she’s mean and cruel
telling him he’s weird and unusual
rolls her eyes and calls him silly 
when he can’t identify colt or filly

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